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  1. Jun 1 8:45AM

    This will be an introduction for all of the students in 6BM to this website and how to make an account/become a member of our ... Read More

  2. Jun 1 8:45AM

    We will INTROduce the project as well as project 819.

  3. Jun 2 10AM

    Join the Friends' volunteer Trail Restoration Crew on this national day of volunteering for trail improvement. Volunteers are ... Read More

  4. Jun 2 10:10AM

    meet in front of PS 149 at 10:00 AM to look over the site of the new PS 149 Garden!

  5. Jun 4 10AM

    We will be designing and installing Eco-Graffiti in several TDB areas in Queens. We would like to work with artists from Queens, ... Read More

  6. Jun 5 6:30PM
  7. Jun 8 4PM

    I will present our and my work on exhibition night.

  8. Jun 16 11AM

    Friends of Blue Heron Park sponsor this opportunity for families to enjoy time together in Blue Heron Park. Rides, food, live ... Read More

  9. Jun 17 12PM

    Come out and get your hands dirty with us this Father's day as we clean out our tree beds, water and mulch and plant new flowers ... Read More

  10. Jun 23 10AM

    Come stop by and say hello from 10am - 6pm. We are selling t-shirts and totes to help raise money for our 75 Days for $75K ... Read More

  11. Jun 27 7PM

    Bowery Hotel Fundraiser hosted by Miriam Parker and Steven Lau. From 7 - 10pm. All ticket sales go towards our 75 Days for $75K ... Read More

  12. Jun 28 6:30PM

    Fundraising event hosted by our friends from Bondi Road from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. All ticket sales go towards our 75 Days for $75K ... Read More

  13. Jun 30 11AM

    Located in front of the Powell Street Garden, this new farmer's market will provide the residents of Brownsville and East New ... Read More

Here's a listing of events organized by the Change By Us projects in your city. Click on the event for more details and to find out how you can get involved.
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