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Change the world

Realise this. It's the way that we have become accustomed to living that will be our undoing. Work out how to change - and fast.

Engage local business owners, mobile carts, and residents in Jackson Heights, NY around community education and engagement to keep ...

Stop using useless honking on the streets

Dani D. said

Turn Central Park's into food forests--We NYers learn sustainable farming & get fresh & local food. e.g.,Seattle food forest ...

Chocolate fountains

I like participatory budgeting!

more green space in the center

Bring more colour into the city

How to make NYC cleaner and healthier?

to socialize health care.

Education for the kids. Preparing them for the future and build a better community

Rachel A. said

Remsen Village is in need of a Community Garden

Street Salt when it snows badly hurts dogs paws and makes it a challenge to walk our canine companions. I want to help the city become dog ...

Make it illegal for businesses not to be wheelchair accessible.

parques más limpios

to make bigger sidewalks and to make the public transports not to pollute

Blow it up

More Affordable Housing Options.

Require that all shower bodies sold or installed in NYC have volume control over the water flow so that you don't have to have the ...

I'm sad


help me!

In both new public and private office buildings, mandate that in lavatories, either eliminate or minimally heat warm water for hand washing.

pedestrianise park avenue

to run an art program in Washington Heights for my neighborhood kids! urbanpopartist.com

Kathleen V. said

Save the Cafe Edison

NYC should install underpasses & overpasses in street intersections to prevent pedestrian accidents with LED billboards for ...

Pay the teachers for after school activities so that they aren't as likely to cancel clubs in schools

More parks

Congestion charge south of 59th Street.


Ralph S. said

meer bomen op de Overtoom

for clean air to be a right for all citizens

Eliminate cars

change the world

flying car

flying car

flying car

Create a flying car

A functional website with actual updated projects and information.

separacion de residuos desde origen.

Clean central park

green stuff


green stuff

A "good action" list app. When u reach some levels or number of good actions u receive a "non-profit" reward. A KARMA APP

Get instant hot water so you dont have to run the water for minutes before it gets hot.

Green spaces

bike repair park!



BAN chewing gum. It's banned in Singapore and their sidewalks have no black spots. Encourage online degrees from CUNY and other ...

I would like more pocket parks near wall street

Stop giving landlords fines for illegal housing and take the houses from them and evacuate the tenants

Take the portable basketball hoops off of the streets so people can park on their blocks and not have to listen to a basketball bounce all ...

Educate the NYPD on police brutality.

어떻게 만들었어

When you notify customer that paperless bill is ready also remind them if they have arranged for direct payment via bank, etc. ent via ...

BIgger sidewalks. There are so many more people on the sidewalk - but they have so much less space than drivers.

more green spaces

more trsh cans

eat strangers

Promote the utilization of hybrid, or full-electric cars. Although NYC is famous for its subways, some people still use vehicles for ...

Improve living conditions by addressing landlord negligence

Joe L. said

Built a website for everyone to share his hopping about urban renewal.

Do academical research to improve this great platform!

Share this websites template with other cities so that they can help facilitate change. Then analyze all the ideas and proceed with ...

In all new office buildings: eliminate hot water to toilet rooms. Companies that want hot water, can install instant water heaters.





cargo bikes in the bike sharing system!

cargo bikes in the local bike sharing system

More affordable housing

Ok it is ok.

fire places on central squares

fire places on central squares!

sparrows instead of pidgeons! use hawks which are let free from time to time to reduce (by scaring them, not by letting them hunt) the ...

add more fire places in the city... people love fire :)

Andreas W. said

the community counts! let's strenghten active citizenship

Andreas W. said

project funding matching scheme: voluntary hours are doubled by the city budget

Stop building! Stop developers from building skyscrapers when the infrastructure of NYC no longer supports the current population.

to help person with disabilities get information on how to apply for government help

fire places in the city. humans need fire :)

save seperate bicycle lanes

to plant more trees

haha ~

Add a recycling bin next to every trashcan

9조 집단 지능 발표 - 청원 Chage by Us

End HOMElessness by taking in the homeless and not just giving them a shelter, but a HOME

Bring this to Manhattan: http://movein.to/

promote more events for foreigners in the central park

more buses

Better enforcement of recycling laws.

try to do initiative, create jobs, more schools and help the people to grow in different areas.

In subway stair better sign to connection

Youth Empowerment in the area of Flatbush Brooklyn. I have a strategic plan that will motivate and encourage the disadvantaged youth to ...

Make Manhattan affordable for aspiring artists

Internet infrastructure aka faster internet for everyone.

pay kids to go to school

Change the interest to a lower rate on pay back of money owed will give an incentive to those of us who are trying to pay back as soon as ...

Move NYC to a warmer climate where it doesn't SNOW

nn n. said

bike safety classes targeted at commuter riding

zoviz Z. said

create a bridge in shomolu

Nitasha khan

more parks less concrete

To have more green space outside of Central Park...

Less police on every street.

More parks

Bulldoze it and rebuild from scratch.

Building bridges and tunnals for pedestrian

Make traffic away from pedestrian

plant treed

plant more trees

Build a playground for grown-ups!

create more gardens

Create community

If you like a neighbor's Christmas decoration or flowers in the summer time , leave an anonymous note in their mailbox. increasing ...

I like very much your idea of Eparticipation

Pressure retail stores to give a discount (like 5 cents off the bill) if customers bring their own bag, instead of using plastic bags. ...

Drink beer

more greenspace

Redirect taggers' destructive energies into positive artistic outlets-- public neighborhood art spaces that beautfy, not illicit ...

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